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Toy Story 4 Meme Review


Toy Story 4 Meme Review

Toy Story 4 Meme Review

It’s not for small children. It is where my emotions plotted to attack me from all sides.

Do NOT bring tiny children to see this. It is not for them! This movie is for those fully invested in the character development of these toys. The 5 and 3 year olds in my life left “so bored,” while the 8 year old has been “waiting for years for this movie!” He left the movie fully satisfied. If your child did not like this movie, it is your fault for taking them too young. Go alone, have a date night, don’t mess it up for the rest of us. This movie is for the OGs, the Gen Xers/Yers, millennials, and anyone who has been following the story since it’s inception.

Oh yes, small child, this movie is not for you!

Nobody asked for this. But it is the most perfect movie saga that exists on the planet currently.

Many people speculate why there would be a part 5 although, again, it is perfect as it is. What happens to Woody and Bo Peep? How did he just leave his best friend? And look how many people are willing to spend money on this franchise simply because they’re fully invested in the fandom and it’s products!

Which reminds me, I have to buy a Ducky and Bunny plush toy for myself.

Genius comedy, these two.
How heavily we felt the betrayal and disloyalty.

We cried. If there were a montage of their friendship with “You Got A Friend In Me” playing, no one would have been safe from tears. But we’re not the only ones whose emotions were unsafe.

The moment Woody realized he would risk it all.
… who made this? We did not call for more feels!

All Robin Williams memes give us feels, but this sentiment is flawless. Is it 1998, or 2019? Who even knows? We’re still going to watch each and every one of these movies, and movie makers know it!

Relatable anxiety!!!

Forky was hilarious, annoying, and perfect. It gave Woody a mid-life crisis purpose. We felt that hard. Also, so many of us can relate to feeling so much anxiety that we feel like trash. Stay for the credits. Forky finds a crush, lets call her “Knifey.” Bonnie makes her on her first day of 1st grade. She also thinks she’s trash.

Woody was a real one in this movie. Taking care of the new toy with special needs… Giving up his voice box so an old toy could have a chance to be loved… Risking losing his human so that he could find Bo Peep… Risking his life to save Bonnie’s favorite toy, Forky… Forky gave her the emotional comfort she needed to get through her first days in Kindergarten. Woody was honorable AF!

HOWEVER, Bo Peep 👏🏾 was 👏🏾 NOT 👏🏾 out 👏🏾 here 👏🏾 playing 👏🏾 GAMES 👏🏾 PERIODT! Step aside, Woody. Your girl got this, and you’re f**king s**t up. TOTAL badass!

If you can’t handle me at my sweet and innocent, you don’t deserve me at independent and powerful.
👏🏾 NOT. 👏🏾 PLAYING. 👏🏾 GAMES. 👏🏾👏🏾 WITH YOU.

And now, in no particular order, we give you the creeps.

Like I said, this movie is not for the little ones! These dummies and their boss lady doll, Gabby Gabby, were next level villain. This was no Emperor Zurg. Not even Sid could hold a candle to these villains. Okay, maybe Sid. That spider-doll creation had us ready to leave the theater with our tails between our legs as kids.

Speaking of devils and angels, someone give this angel his wings already.

Gift from the heavens.

Hashtag blessed.

Go see Toy Story 4. Just don’t ruin it for yourself by bringing small children. You’ve been warned.

Send us your favorite Toy Story memes in the comments!

Article by Lorisse Bentiné.

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