Top 10 “OH S**T” Moments in Hunter X Hunter


Since Hunter x Hunter is currently my favorite anime, it’s time for my top 10 “Oh s**t” moments. Feel free to comment your favorite moments from the show as well. Enjoy!


  1. That moment you learn that Hisoka is not one to play with, and he kills a circle of Hunter Exam candidates with a single playing card.


  1. The moment you realize you’re glad you’re on Killua’s side.

“Oh, here’s your heart back.” How kind of him to return it.


  1. That moment Gon broke Ilumini’s arm like it was nothing, in defense of Killua.


  1. That moment you shouted at your screen in relief “Oh you thought my son was gonna be paralyzed? You thought wrong!”… when really, deep down you really thought he wasn’t getting up either.


  1. When we met Canary and this was your thought process:  “Yes!! Another character of color… WHAT!? THEY MERKED HER LIKE THAT!?… Oh, *sigh of relief* I was gonna say…”


  1. That moment Leorio did what we all wish we could, and punched Gon’s dad in the face with all his might. He deserved it. If you didn’t cheer for this moment, I question your motives in life.


  1. That moment we realize the ant king is not here for the sh**s.


  1. That moment when Netero had the advantage the whole time and the Ant king still managed to survive.



  1. That moment you’re actually kind of scared of Gon.

“Ayo, free my guy, Kite, son!”


  1. And our top “Oh s**t moment from Hunter x Hunter is: Adult Gon.


Honorable mention:

That moment we all said “Oh s**t, Palm is normal!”





Her “final form” I guess…?



Aight, I’m out.

By Lorisse Bentiné

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