STADIA, The Future of Gaming?

If you call yourself a gamer to any degree, then you’ve probably heard about STADIA by now. Known before as “Project Stream”, STADIA aims to deliver a standardized gaming experience across all devices. Did you have a block of time set aside to game on your computer to have to suddenly travel somewhere? No worries, STADIA will let you continue on a variety of devices seamlessly.

STADIA is a cloud based streaming service, so all you’re going to need is access to the chrome browser on your device, a data connection, and a paid subscription to the service. I was a member of the beta program and was able to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on my PC at home and my Mac at work with no noticeable performance issues other than some pixelated rendering from time to time. This can be the future of gaming, but that’s not to say that consoles, or PC’s will become obsolete as gaming platforms. The dependency of having to be connected to the internet can be a problem for those with limited data plans, or who are out of WiFi range.

No exact date or pricing has been released yet, but the service has been announced to launch sometime in 2019. DOOM Eternal, the upcoming sequel to I’d Software’s DOOM (2016), will be playable on the streaming service. We’ll have more information on STADIA as the year moves on. Get your devices charged and power banks ready to keep you in the game while on the move!

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