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TWD Trolled You!


TWD Trolled You!

By Thomas Lapierre III

I would call this an open letter but considering that an editorial is essentially an open letter, I’ll just stick with editorial. This is in response to every fan out there complaining about the ending of last nights TWD episode: stop!

This whole reaction is the reason we, as fans, can’t have nice things. The entitlement and perceived notion of “deserving” something when we want it is killing entertainment as we know it. If you haven’t seen last nights episode, stop reading now because we are going to get into spoilers. If you have, be prepared to potentially not like what you read. That being said, I’ll cut to the chase. Not seeing who dies at Negan’s hands is the best way to end the episode. There, I said it! I’ll go one step further, it’s the best way to end the season.


Simply put, you now have something to talk/speculate about until October. Not only that but by not showing you who dies, they get free advertising for the next six months leading up to season 7. That’s right, TWD trolled you and you bought it; hook, line and sinker. In fact, all of season 6 was a troll. You were just too caught up to notice.

You have every right to be upset. Trust me, for the first 10-15 minutes after the end I was livid. Then I was good. Why? Because I realized that they actually delivered on their promise. WE GOT TO MEET NEGAN! And Jeffery Dean Morgan NAILED IT! Was I hoping to see Glenn get his head bashed in by Lucille? Hell yeah! Was it ever states that we would get to see it? Not in the least.

I hoped but didn’t get it. You EXPECTED it and were let down. That’s what you get for assuming, for expecting. TWD is using this concept called “Delayed Gratification”, something people these days have no time for. So here is some friendly advice: stop whining, put your grown up pants on and wait. You WILL get to see who dies. Just not when you want to and THAT is the whole point.

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