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Movie Trailers- Women With Scary Homes

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Movie Trailers- Women With Scary Homes

Many of us grew up with the notion of not talking to strangers, fully ingrained into every fiber of our making. We recall reading stories like Hansel & Gretel, which taught us that not everything is always as it seems. A beautiful house made of candy and baked goods harbors an evil witch, ready to eat little children. At what point does that fear ware off a bit, and we are left to our our devices to make judgements as adults. Many of us are now fully capable adults who can make up their own minds as to whether or not a stranger is safe to talk to. Has much changed, or do we simply silence our instincts from time to time, and let logic set in? Watching the following trailers left some viewers thinking “Who would enter a strangers house?” But don’t we do this all the time? How many real life dating app horror stories do we hear at any given moment? Can we really judge Frances and Maggie very harshly? We’re going to take a closer look in this article.

Let’s start with Greta, shall we? No good deed goes unpunished as a young woman named Frances (played by Chloë Grace Moretz) doesn’t think twice about returning a lost handbag to its owner, before soon fighting for her life. The owner is none other than the aforementioned Greta (played by Isabelle Huppert). She is a seemingly sweet, widowed piano teacher from France who takes a liking to Frances, and the feeling soon becomes mutual.

Frances is so kind, and spends more and more time with this lonely older woman until the friendship suddenly goes sour. Greta’s behavior becomes threatening and unpredictable, and like a frog in a boiling pot, Frances realizes this too late. Frances isn’t Greta’s first victim either. Frances realizes her life is in danger and attempts to leave, but according to Greta, “No one leaves Greta.”

From Academy Award®-winning director Neil Jordan, Greta seems to have moviegoers in for some unexpected events. In select theaters February 21st 2019.

Now let’s talk about MA. *Inhales deeply.* Suburban teens are on their way to drink in a van, but need someone over 21 to buy the alcohol for them. Maggie (played by Diana Silvers), spots a woman at the entrance to the store – who we later find out is Ma (played by Octavia Spencer) – and asks her if she could buy alcohol for them. She initially refuses, but decides, why not invite them to a safe place where they can drink without driving. Ma invites them over to her basement to drink. In the trailer we only see one rule, but according to Universal Pictures, there are 4 rules: the teens must call her Ma, they can’t curse, one teen has to remain sober, and never go upstairs.

In the span of two and a half minutes, we see Ma go from happy hostess, to crazed woman with blood all over her. She won’t let the teens leave, she is seen kissing one of them, and her basement looks like a speakeasy at one point, full of people outside of the initial group of teens. Tate Taylor (director of The Help), brings us this dark thriller on May 31st, 2019, and we are ready.

Who else got Hansel and Gretel vibes from these movies? Can we blame the teens? When do our brains fully develop the part that separates good judgements from bad decisions? More importantly, who else is excited to watch these movies? Leave your response in the comments please!

Also, Ma means Ghost in Vietnamese. Random? Perhaps. Foreshadowing? Also, perhaps. The point is, don’t go into some stranger’s house please. We feel this must be said.

Article by Lorisse Bentiné.

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