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Sweet Christmas! Marvel has done it yet again. They have given us the first epic teaser trailer for the third installment, Thor Ragnarok. I’ve already seen this trailer five times because for a teaser it is packed full of tasty treats of action, easter eggs, and story. Let’s jump right into the awesomeness of this teaser.

Right off the bat, they throw you with Thor spinning down a hellish hole chained and he begins to narrate, bringing up the most important question, how did this happen? Immediately, cut to what appears to be maybe New York and you see Thor throwing Mjolner and none other than the queen of Hel herself, Hela, catches it. I was already blown away to just see Cate Blanchett character in the first trailer but what happened next was beyond my expectations. She DESTROYS Mijolner and sets the tone.
Cue the music. Playing Led Zeppeling’s, Immigrant Song, was the perfect match the epic retro toned, action-packed trailer. To see Blanchett in full costume; seeing that elaborate horned headpiece, my God, I was beyond blown away. I was truly seeing this comic character come to life. If that wasn’t enough, she destroys Asgard. The destruction that ravished what was the beautiful world of Asgard is now in flames. Seeing our hero struggling and being blown away; cutting to him arriving another planet, which I believe, is the planet SAKARR. He is no longer his thundering self, he is captured, taken, and made into a contender in The Grandmasters, player by Jeff Goldblum, battle arena.
We are given glimpses of some many other characters and action scenes in between; seeing the Valkyries riding their winged steeds, Karl urban as Skurge scourging in a battlefield, the mighty and grizzy, Heimdall, striking down an enemy and of course of ever-loving god of mischief, Loki, doing what he does best. There was nothing left out of the realm of possibilities but then come main event announcement.

The greatest scene of the entire trailer wasn’t seeing Hela, Miojner being destroyed, or even Asgard being destroyed. It was Thor’s reaction, like all of us were, when he sees the Hulk charging into the battle area. YESSSSSSSSSS! The incredible Hulk in full planet hulk armor and ready to smash his work buddy and thus this trailer ends on the highest note, Thor and Hulk charging towards each other readying that first blow.

The goose bumps of anticipation still haven’t gone away. Bringing together two epic storylines and combining it is a stroke of genius. This is one of the best Marvel trailers I’ve seen yet. It literally almost had everyone and everything you wanted to see and it leaves you wanting more. I can’t wait to see this film in November.

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