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The New Power Rangers

The New Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was a huge deal growing up. Sitting down to watch the latest episode was the highlight of many of my weekday afternoons. There’s no denying it’s campiness when you look back and watch it today, but nonetheless, it was still an important part of my childhood and early teen years.

Cheesy or not, Power Rangers was big deal.

Yes, there has been two big screen adaptions of Power Rangers in the past, but it’s been 20 years since “Turbo: A Power Rangers Story”, so you could only imagine how much hype is behind the upcoming film.

Early photos began to surface, and the reviews were mixed, but still optimistic. We got look at the Power Rangers in their suits… definitely a different take, but cool nonetheless. The biggest remarks about the suits were the resemblance to Iron Man’s suit. But aside from that one thing, fans were still excited… and kind of nervous for more.

Not too long after that, we got a look at Rita, who is being played by Elizabeth Banks. Knowing Banks would be playing her was enough to get me excited. Her look was definitely different, but it totally fit with the new movie’s aesthetic… and I was digging it. Rumors are, that her suit may have connections with Tommy Oliver and the Green Ranger.

Other news broke, that actors Bill Hader and Brian Cranston would be playing in the movie… Now, THAT is news!

Brian Cranston, who actually had been a part of the Power Rangers TV series, playing a few villains, would be playing Zordon. Brian has been around for a while, and is an exceptional actor, so him being in this movie had to mean that they were taking Power Rangers very seriously. As far as Zordon’s design, we got nothing but concept art till they released the latest trailer. And I must say, he looks pretty cool.

Bill Hader would be voicing Alpha 5. Not a bad casting choice, being that Bill is one hell of a voice actor. One thing is for sure, you know he’ll be bringing the comedic relief to this very serious looking film. Concept art dropped a few weeks back, and personally, I thought he looked awesome. He looked very much “out of this world”, both literally and figuratively. We got another quick look at him in the trailer and actually got a chance to hear him speak.

Though not well known, I love who they casted to play the Rangers (Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini and Kimberly). Throwing Cranston, Banks and Hader in the mix only intrigued me further.

Back in October, we were given a teaser trailer. This was our first look at the movie… this is where a lot of the critics came in. There was almost a literal 50-50 split between those who were excited and those who hated it. As for me, I wasn’t going to jump to conclusions and say that it was going to be the greatest movie ever made, but I was bloody excited.

For starters, I loved the tone… as I’m a huge advocate for dark, grim stories. But the real reason why I was happy about the tone of the movie, was that it’s a departure from the campiness of the old series. You can kind of look at it like what The Dark Knight Trilogy did for Batman films… KIND OF.

Another cool change was the fact that Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini and Kimberly all gain super powers. This makes the actual Rangers more important than their suits. I like the idea of the power coming from within, as opposed to the suits being the real source of power. I know their suits will serve a purpose, but I don’t know much about what these new suits will bring, as far abilities and what not.

Outside of giving us the tone of the movie, a quick glimpse at Rita and a VERY quick tease at the new suits, but not TOO much. Which is how a teaser is supposed to be cut. But apparently, this was enough to make people hate the new movie.

You can’t have Power Rangers without Zords. You know, those giant animal-like robots they use to combine into a Megazord and fight those 100 feet tall baddies?!

First came movie posters, showing each Ranger on top of it’s corresponding Zord… but those were posters were very vague. Just as everything else with this movie, fans needed to see more.

In comes the action figures.

Images surfaced, showcasing what would be the Power Rangers’ Zords… and MegaZord. At this point, fans who were already skeptical, totally gave up on any kind of hope for the movie. There were some who, though excited at first, started leaning in the other direction.

As far as those action figures go, there are two things that people have failed to realize.

1) Those figures that were released were kids’ toys. And as any toy collector knows, kids’ versions of toys tend to have much less detail than a collectors figure. If, let’s say, those were Hot Toys figures that were released, and they looked like that, then I’d understand the “beef”.

2) You also have to put the movie’s marketing into account. Not all movies like to give away everything before the movie is released. Sure, everyone knows that Power Rangers have Zords, and there’s a 200% that the MegaZord will be formed, but perhaps they want to save their “big guns” for when people go to see the movie… Think “Godzilla” marketing. And if you compare the figure to the vague but better look you get in the new trailer, you can see the difference.

On Thursday, January 19th, a new trailer for Power Rangers was released. And wow, if I wasn’t super stoked before (which I definitely was), I am now! In this trailer, we get a better look at a lot of the things that we were all so curious about. From an actual look at Cranston’s Zordon to Goldar, we got a lot more. More importantly, we didn’t get everything! How any GOOD trailer should be.

We finally get a look at both Zordon and Alpha 5. I’m really digging them! And like I said before, with Cranston and Hader playing those roles, they’re portrayals should be something to look forward to. Along with a better look of Banks’ Rita in action, we see the new “Putties” and a GIANT Goldar. I’m not sure what Goldar’s role in the movie will be, but I’m almost positive it won’t be the same as the one we’re used to. I like that they’re not building this movie up as him being the main baddie (similar to what they did with Venom in Spider-Man 3). Rita will be the main antagonist throughout the film.

As for the Rangers, we see them and their suits in action, and boy, does it look AWESOME! Though their suits may look different, they are very much Power Rangers and not just an Iron Man ripoff. We finally get a glimpse of the Zords in action, and that looked pretty cool. And lastly, we get a quick look at the MegaZord… Definitely looks better than that toy a lot of people are complaining about. Did anyone else see some “Pacific Rim” influence in that clip of the battle between the MegaZord and Goldar?

There’s definitely a divide amongst Power Rangers fans… Some are excited, some already hate it, while others don’t know which side they’re on. Whether you agree or disagree with the changes, all that really matters is whether Power Rangers ends up being a good film or not. I’m so ready for March 24th!

Check out the latest episode of the Successfully Failing Podcast on iTunes. Me and the SF team get more in-depth with the Power Rangers talk.

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