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Some Geek News: Recapping May


Some Geek News: Recapping May

Some Geek News: Recapping May

The month of May has given us some awesome geek news and movies. Seeing how we are coming to the end of May, we thought it would be nice to cover some stuff that you may have missed.

Spawn News

First thing first, Jaime Foxx has been officially signed on to be in the Spawn movie.  Yes he is playing Spawn. This will be interesting to see since Todd Macfarlene stated that the movie will follow the format of Jaws and Spawn wont really have any speaking lines in the movie. This will fall on to the other lead Twitch who is a detective in the comics. Macfarlene has gone on record stating he was writing this movie with Foxx in mind as the lead role. If he changes the script and adds lines for Foxx will remain to be seen. Lets just hope that this is a better outing for the actor then his role as Electro.

source: Deadline

Walking Dead News

Andrew Lincoln AKA Rick Grimes might be leaving the Walking Dead after season 9. Whats been floating around is that AMC has offered Norman Reedus a new contract to take up the leading role. Its understandable that Mr. Lincoln might want to move on to new projects. He has been great as Rick and there are talks of a time jump in the series story. I feel he maybe done with where he can go with the character, it will be interesting to see if they kill off Rick Grimes since Robert Kirkman said no one is safe. I feel it would be great for the show. There’s also talk of Lauren Cohen leaving too, no not Maggie! I’m still not over Glen!

Source: Collider

Wreck It Ralph 2

Here’s two official images from Wreck it Ralph 2:














As you can see from the images, the Disney Princess will be in the movie. I know the image are a bit blurry, but lets play a game. Can you name every princess in the picture? Wreck It Ralph 2 is set to release in theaters November 21.


Batman Movie Rumors

It is rumored that the Penguin may be the villain in the new Matt Reeves Batman movie. I am not really that to excited about that, but I am willing to give a chance to see what direction Reeves with the franchise if this is true. Last time we got to see the Penguin on the big screen was in Batman Returns when Danny Devito played the character.

Source:  Geektyrant

The Crow News

The Crow is back in production hell. It has been reported that Jason Momoa and the director Corin Hardy have both walked away from the project. The news is that it had to do with creative and financial differences. One begins to wonder if this Crow reboot is ever going to happen? I was excited to hear Momoa was attached to the project and I would of loved to see what he could of done with the character.

Source: Deadline

Sonic the Hedgehog 

An artist buddy of ours, Justin Fischetto, brought to our attention that James Marsden (Westworld and X-men) has been casted for the lead role in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Its supposed to be a live action movie from our understanding. The director attached to the project is Jeff Fowler. Also attached to the film is Tim Miller ( Deadpool) which gives a bit of hope for this movie.

Source: Variety

Wookie Storm Troopers?

Apparently in the Han Solo movie there was supposed to be Wookie Storm Troopers. I’m a little at odds with it. The idea looks cool but not sure how they would of executed it. But whats great about concept art is that we can see what they would of looked like.

What do you guys think of the Chewbacca Troopers?

Source: Screenrant

Avengers News ( Possible Spoilers!)

Drax was one of the many casualties in the movie. Dave Batista has been quoted saying:

“I got a lot of texts saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re dead, your character is dead.’ They were really like heartbroken and I was like ‘I’m gonna be in four. I’m gonna be in Guardians 3.’ I don’t know how they’re bringing me back, yeah but somehow I’m going to make it because, as far as I know, I am going to be in Guardians 3, so I have to be back.”

We can guess characters are coming back because of certain movie deals in place. My theory is that we wont see the true deaths until Avengers four. We are still getting a taste of what that movie has in store. I mean they haven’t even revealed the title yet.

Source: Collider

More Dave Batista News!

Aside from playing Drax in the Marvel Franchise, Batista is set to star in the action comedy Dogtown from the writer of John Wick 2 Kyle Ward. Dogtown is based on a comic call Body Bags. Batista will play Mack Delgado, a bounty hunter tough enough to be called a body bagger.

The movie is being produced by Bold Films and producer Gary Michael Walters had this to say in a statement:

“This is our first big graphic novel based action movie, which marks an exciting transition at the company. We are moving into larger budgets, something that started with Stronger. We want to make baby blockbusters, where you take wall to wall action, and then scalpel back some of that action and inject more plot, theme and character. The hope is to give a big entertainment experience with a lot of ideas and interesting characters. The ambition of Dogtown is to have a Deadpool tone of humor and action, but at its core, Dogtown is a father-daughter love story about a tough man who reconnects with his daughter. That is the spine. We want to make action movies with heart.”

Also I can’t forget he will be in Hotel Artemis as a character named Everest. I think its cool he will be getting a lead role and hope Dogtown becomes a hit. Reading that Bold Films wants to mirror Deadpool scares me a bit. I do hope they find their own formula and don’t become a Deadpool knockoff.

Source: Geektyrant

And that’s some of the news from May. Hope you guys enjoyed the read, got caught up with news you may have missed. And are you looking forward to some more great news coming in June?


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