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Letter to the Editor…


Letter to the Editor…

Letter to the Editor…

Dear Editor,
This, like most letters to the Editor, doesn’t really concern you. Rather it concerns a new television series that Fox is producing that makes my head feel like it’s going to explode. Let me elaborate…
Back in 2011, a friend of mine suggested a very interesting book to me called The Passage by the author Justin Cronin. He sold it to me on a very simple premise, (but I’ll elaborate on it because it’ll help illustrate my head wanting to explode): a tour group happens upon ancient ruins in the rainforest, (these people were taking a final trip around the world before they died of terminal illnesses, go figure) and they’re infected by an unknown virus that heals them, makes them younger and then kills them. The government/military gets involved because obviously there is a way to weaponize or utilize this for their benefit. They decide to experiment on human subjects, but not just any human subjects; death row inmates. All of which are at the very least accused of murder, some have even worse offenses. With each experiment, the inmate mutates into, what I would describe as, Venom but with a hard exoskeleton skin, big bug eyes, bioluminescence and huge jaws filled with rows of glass shard like teeth. They feed on blood, have incredible strength, can’t take sunlight and infect others to become what they are. They’re badass vampires. Now, as much as these monsters would be amazing in combat, (because of course, that’s the first thing they think of…), they want to essentially create Blade but realize that the only way that they can do that is to infect a child. They succeed only to have all of the monsters break out of the compound they’re in and basically destroy the entirety of the world.
I explain all of this because this all happens within the first 100 or so pages of an 800-page book. It’s a wonderful set up to a fantastic novel and a basis for the other two books in the trilogy. When I first saw the trailer for The Passage, I was initially excited because why would I not be. It’s easily one of my favorite books and the trilogy is fantastic. But as I continued to watch the trailer, my heart sank lower and lower. Why, you ask? Because they took a very well thought out background and setup and totally shat on it. They kept some things: Project Noah, Brad Wolgast (Zack Morris), Amy Bellafonte, Wolgast’s partner and Anthony Carter (the inmate that you see them talking to at the beginning of the trailer), but everything is so off it’s not even funny. I’ll admit I was at least optimistic until that I saw that Fox was the channel putting it out. That’s when I knew that it was going to suck, (probably canceled after the first season). I mean it looks like they made the entirety of the first season out of the first 100 pages of the book. They don’t even touch on the post-virus storyline, (which *spoilers* is the MAJORITY of ALL THREE BOOKS), never mind the fact Wolgast FAILS at keep Amy from being infected and not only dies but becomes part of the infected horde.
So really, dear Editor, I want to ask the morons at Fox and F’ing Ridley Scott 3 questions: First, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO SUCH A RICH AND WELL THOUGHT OUT STORY?!?!?! Seriously, why? You don’t need to add all of that garbage of a pandemic and making the hard decision to kidnap a child to infect them and “save the world”. The beginning is laid perfectly with just enough to pique the interest of the audience and propel them 93 years into the future after what probably only should have been like 8 episodes of the first season. Hell, you could’ve jumped into the future and ended the season with an unexpected individual showing up out of nowhere. But of course, you had to screw with it. Second: WHY ZACK MORRIS?! Honestly, as important as Wolgast is to Amy’s storyline, you didn’t need to commit to an actor that probably doesn’t want to be killed off in the first season. If you were gonna go that route, just go after Sean Bean, that’s kind of his thing. We all know that you don’t have the balls to try and kill off the main character and not think of some BS way of bringing them back through stupid visions and flashbacks, (which Amy doesn’t experience all that much in the book, but you would know that if you actually read it). No, you have to really make the whole first season about a character that has very little to physically do with the rest of the story, (don’t get me wrong here, he is important but not main character important, that’s Amy’s gig). Third: WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SCREW WITH HOW ZERO LOOKS AND SEEMINGLY INTRODUCE A CHARACTER THAT ISN’T EVEN RELEVANT UNTIL THE SECOND BOOK?!?! (sorry, lot’s of caps = lots of rage). Zero isn’t supposed to look that way until after the break out and we as readers don’t even figure that out until the third book and there were absolutely no female convicts that were part of the trials, which means one of two things: you decided to add one, which is a mistake because with the laundry list of things the convicts in the book did, it doesn’t fit the MO to have a female convict, (if you think that sounds sexist, look up statistics on females and violent crimes like murder, rape and the like. And I’m not talking as victims but as perpetrators). The other is that you’re introducing Wolgast’s ex-wife. Which is stupid in itself because it really has no bearing anything that happens in that particular part of the story. She has a big role in the second book but it’s most definitely separate from Wolgast and Amy.
Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, dear Editor. Until next time…
-That Beard Guy

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