Let’s talk about SONY/Disney Spiderman

Credit: THE EDD

Ok…. let’s talk about SONY/Disney Spiderman dispute seriously…

As far as I know, 2 more movies with Tom Holland is suppose to be made, the director for the last 2 Spider-Man flicks has not signed on for the 2 new ones, most fans are disappointed or angry, Kevin Feige is out and this whole thing was started over a 50/50 profit dispute.

On a business stand point, I know where Sony stands and it’s a classic corporate play. Let the character get popular enough to make the next Spiderman film a 100% profit and to make they’re own superhero universe based only on Spiderman. This shit has been planned for the longest of time since The Amazing Spiderman 2. The problem was nobody was interested at the time. In a old suits thought of mind, “the audience now is interested again and Disney wants more? Ha, bu bye…”. Yea… I get that and sure, Sony has EVERY legitimate right to do so. It takes out they’re competitor, Disney and puts they’re MCU in a “bigger than normal” plot hole problematic situation in it all. It’s a great capitalistic move…


There is a problem…

On a creative front, Sony now has to depend on themselves to pull off a creative team well worthy to handle they’re OWN plot holes of the Tom Holland Spiderman version since they can’t mention the MCU anymore, handle a backlash of Spiderman/MCU fans and casual audiences who are emotionally tied to this version of Spiderman AND try to keep that momentum into a 4th film or else they will lose more than the last.

Marvel Studios has earned they’re 50/50 profit for the creative planning, Sony.

Man… I have faith in Marvel Studios to fix the issues regarding the loss of Spider-Man. They worked with lesser characters to get this MCU even started. Sony on the other hand needed Disney/Marvel to make a live action Spiderman back to a decent glory since Sam Rami’s Spiderman 2. Now since the creative leg work and process is done, the studio that gave us The Emoji Movie, Ghostbuster Remake and 12 Adam Sandler movies is going to provide the creative prowess that Marvel Studios did? The same emotional ties to Peter Parker with Tony Stark without even able to mentioning it because of copyrights? 

As a Spiderman fan, this disappoints me completely but I know there is nothing I can do to stop this (Basically what adult life feels like) but I’m not very enthusiastic about what will happen after this. Y’all better have something good because I doubt it… I have read the leaked emails from those hacks. It wasn’t good ideas… most of them came true.

…..ok, Sony….

….I’m not saying it’s impossible for Sony to make a Tom Holland Spiderman just as good or if not better than Disney/Marvel but it’s more in the area of improbable. 

Sony, good luck with that…

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