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Deadpool No Good Deed

Deadpool No Good Deed

The talk of the town, so to speak, is surrounded around the “Deadpool: No Good Deed” short. Aside from it being an awesome, hilarious surprise for those who saw it right before Logan began, there seems to be an Easter egg that everyone is talking about.

On the inside of the phone booth that Wade Wilson runs into, you could see the word “Hope”. Now, my first take was that it was just a nod to Superman… but everyone else is digging a little deeper.

Anyone familiar with the X-Men franchise has heard the name, Hope. And no, not as something people hold onto to keep them going. Hope is a person. Hope was the first mutant born after the events of “House of M”. She would eventually be given to Nimrod to them be saved by Cable (who will be in the next Deadpool film). Cable believes Hope is a messianic figure that will save both humankind and mutants.

Pretty heavy stuff.

The real question is, will Hope be a part of future Deadpool films, namely the upcoming Deadpool 2 (set to hit theaters in 2018), or will this carry onto future X-Men films… OR any possible X-Men series?

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