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Avengers! We hate…


Avengers! We hate…

Avengers! We hate…

Avengers! We hate the fact that we have to wait so long for part 4! Have you seen the movie? How did you feel when the credits started to role? Do you have any fan theories? There is a lot going on in this movie that makes it a comic book fan’s dream. It has a great story and one of the best villains that will be remembered in cinema history.  Some people are saying super hero fatigue is going to set in. Oh no it’s not! Super hero fatigue took a back seat and said you’re going to regret you said that by the end of this movie.

So enough about Avengers and how awesome it is. Kuddos to everyone that has worked on this movie and has worked to give us the amazing MCU over the last ten years. Lord knows it wasn’t easy and many studios have tried to copy Marvel’s formula.  In the end, Marvel has stayed on top by delivering some of the best movies with great stories that we all read in the comics growing up. It’s great to see them go from the pages to the big screen.

Over here at Inbeon Mag, David Morgan and I decided to do a survey on some silly Avenger questions. It was fun to do and a great exercise before Avengers: Infinity War came out. Also, check out the link at the bottom to see the episode of The Nerds of the Round where we ask some of these questions at Garden State Comic Fest. I want to thank Dave for all his help and all those who participated in the survey. So let’s dive in and see some of these popular survey answers, shall we?



Which Avenger would be a good fit in the Suicide Squad?


2nd place Hawkeye


Which Avenger would you have a drink with?


2nd place Ant-man


Which Avenger is most likely to be voted off survivor?

Somehow Howard the Duck made the vote and won. But since he is not an Avenger, it was a three way tie between Ant-man, Iron man and Spider man.


Which Avenger would win the royal Rumble?

The Hulk

2nd place was a tie between Thor and Spiderman


Which Avenger has the Best Elmo Voice?

A tie between Wolverine (In the comics he was an Avenger) and Ant-man

2nd place went to Hulk; can you imagine?


Which Avenger Would Cheat on his/her taxes?

Iron Man

2nd place Ant man


Which Avenger would most likely wear a speedo to the beach?


2nd place was a tie between Iron man and Thor


Which Avenger would win the famous Nathan’s hotdog eating contest?


2nd place Thor


Which Avengers bathroom do you avoid on Taco Tuesdays?


2nd place tie between Thor and Antman


Which Avenger could out drink thor

Hulk (Seems like he is winning a lot of votes)

2nd place Captain America?


Which Avenger would win in a dance off?

Spider man

2nd place Black Panther


Which Avenger would you not miss if they died first in Infinity War?


2nd place Hawkeye


Which Avenger would most likely go out drinking with Batman?

Ironman (no surprise)

2nd place Thor


The Nerds of the Round Link

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. G baby

    May 3, 2018 at 3:33 am

    Great responses. I agree to most.

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