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A Look back at 2016: A Super Hero Movie Rant

Super Hero Movies


A Look back at 2016: A Super Hero Movie Rant

A Look back at 2016: A Super Hero Movie Rant

So I have had the opportunity after the holidays to see Batman V superman and Dr Strange. Yes I know I’m late but after seeing these two movies it left me with one feeling. Marvel Won 2016. As a marvel fan boy you’re like that is great, as a DC fan boy you’re left to defend DC’s movies and as a comic fan you’re wondering what the hell happened.

Now since Nolan’s Batman trilogy has DC delivered a great superhero movie, I mean the third movie in the trilogy was ok and overshadowed by the great work put into the Dark Knight rises with one hell of a Joker that stole the show. DC failed with Green Lantern and Superman Returns, both movies came off as straight to video releases ( you can hear Ryan Reynolds Grind his teeth every time you say Green lantern). And to me DC just wasn’t trying with these two or should I say Warner Brothers wasn’t trying with these two movies. I mean look what happened after, they gave us Man of Steel directed By Zack Snyder. They thought going dark was the answer but Man of Steel left some of us divided. We questioned this Super Man reboot with the killing of Zod and the millions of Meme Jokes about destroying Metropolis. Man of Steel felt cold, but I was told give it a chance by fans and by the director. So fast forward as we wait for Man of Steel 2 to establish Superman. We get instead Batman vs. Superman and no resolve for what happened with Superman at the end of the first movie. (I’m not alone on this as Batman vs. Superman earned 8 Razzie nominations). I mean the fight scenes were entertaining and the movie had some beautiful shots. But Zack Snyder is coming off more like that Director that can only do a few things, give a you a great shot and slow motion shots. Other then that there is no real character development or story. And to be clear I would have no problems with this, but when a director and studio execs are taking pot shots at a studio, you better back it up. And by far they have done nothing but drop the ball.

Let’s look at batman vs. superman for second and yes this is with spoilers. We are retold the origin of Batman for those that have never seen batman ( how many times can we watch his parents die?) Then we show Bruce running into metropolis to a wayne enterprise building during the fight with zod. Again not bad opening. It’s from there the story drags out. What we could of done away with was the drawn out batman shots ( At this point I feel Snyder wants to really direct a batman movie) the sad superman ( I just want to call him Emo superman for a bit) Cavill’s portrayal of Kent are a bit better but I don’t feel like he has gotten his superman across at this point until the end. And even then with his death I feel it was wasted on this movie and pulled too soon! Batman’s no killing rule out the window. Yes it’s out the window and he is branding people. I know batman at some point and in some stories has killed. And that’s what separates him from being and over the board vigilante. It sets him apart from his rogues gallery. Gal Gadot did ok with what they gave her with Wonder Woman. Doomsday is a wasted villain and with talking to a friend it should have been Bizarro. Not picture everything with Bizzaro and get rid of the trippy batman dream sequence and you can come away with a decent movie. You can close the movie with superman doing a selfless act to save the day and come out as the Hero we all want to see grace the screen. And the way the fight ended, really? Martha! I am lost on that. Batman was hell bent on destroying superman because of a stupid dream sequence with a brief flash spot ‘ you was right Bruce” and they end the fight with Martha!
Referencing the previous Conversation if Lex was going to genetically create something it should have been Bizarro who could of frame superman causing batman to believe that Superman has gone evil. Lex loses control of Bizarro who is hell bent on taking out the heroes and Batman and superman have to unit to take out and crazed Bizarro. It is with the kryptonite spear that superman takes out Bizarro showing not just the people but Batman that he would sacrifice himself to stop any threat to humanity and you do this without killing superman. They then both show up and arrest Lex and learn about the Metahuman files and a threat coming to earth. You could of done something like that, but we got this crap fest. And yes I use it harshly because there are times I just want to stop the movie. Yes you will have hardcore DC fans defend this movie because it is only appealing to them and alienates all from enjoying a super hero film. But that shouldn’t be the case and will cause DC films to fail. I mean even Suicide squad was fun but it failed to really deliver. My personal opinion of the film, Joker should have been the main villain, not the Enchantress. The script was kind of blah, it was fun but blah. The movie didn’t feel like something I would want to pay to see in a theater. And you have a great cast in both movies!
Suicide squad had its fair share of promos before being released. The biggest problem is a joker no one cared for. The design was great in my opinion, but the character fell flat. The squad had their moments but had a weak villain. Enchantress should have been saved for a sequel, have her work for the team only to betray them in the sequel. Make Joker the main villain which to me would of caused a great conflict for Harley. Serve the squad or join your pudding. We know Harley has gotten over the joker in the comics, play it out on screen too. I understand Leto is trying his interpretation of the joker, but he is lost because he is the second string star in it. Which is why I say he should’ve shined as the main villain.
Now let’s move on to marvel ( We are not touching the Fox marvel movies because Fox….well…..yea……Just gotta thank Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool you did it brotha!) Marvel dropped the 3rd cap movie and Dr. Strange. As storytellers they have gotten better. Yes there are some that have been questionable, but even so their questionable movies are still ok. I mean Thor and Iron man 3 are the worst in the line up. But lets look at all the others under their belt and you will say ok they deserve a pass. DC hasn’t earned that. Cap civil war was again a great outing for cap and basically an avengers movie that relaunched Spider man back into the spotlight, told a superhero origin of Black panther as he made his cinematic debut, a villain with a revenge plot to destroy our heros and a long awaited super hero slugfest that naturally progressed and saw two comrades go at it. All this done in one movie! And it wasn’t 100% dark or moppy. The Russo Brothers had done a great job with winter soldier and continued it with this story in Civil war. This is why they have been trusted with the next Avengers movie. Dr. Strange is another marvel movie that was fun and it was an origin story! It introduced us to the good Dr. and in Marvel cinema fashion made the movie fun and welcome new fans. Put it this way, I know more people interested in marvel characters that they never cared for before then they are of DC characters. Again the Marvel Formula started with Iron Man and continued in Iron man 2 then we got all of our other heroes like Hulk ,Cap, Thor with intros to Black Widow and Hawkeye. And since then Ant man, The guardians of the Galaxy, Blank Panther, Vision, Spider man ( re intro in the marvel verse) And Dr. Strange. And this success has spilled into netflix with Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and soon to introduce Iron Fist. Abc though needs to put Agents of Shield to bed though. It had some high points and has felt like a dead horse has been forced on us rather than pushed. As you can see with the time, plot and development Marvel has created something huge….
But DC already has something like this!!!!! The Arrow Verse is proof if they have treated their product with love and respect they can have something strong. It all starts with Arrow, followed by Flash then Legends and the Arrow verse is even helping give Supergirl and Constantine new life. ( I’m not going to include Gotham, it’s doing good in its own right but we are talking about a bigger verse and this show seems stand alone) WB/ DC has gold with the Arrow Verse shows! It makes you ask why didn’t they have this transfer to the cineverse! I mean you love these characters and don’t feel burdened by them or bored like I felt with Batman vs. Superman. I remember a rumor of WB wanting to center the Cinema Verse around Batman, that evidence was shown in the movie and if that was the case Batman should have had a solo film before having him meet Superman. But again this is just me as a fan.

Why DC needs a win and needs to have a streak like marvel? It’s a win for us all, Diehard and casual fans. Look not everything is going to transition well from the books to big screen. What will transition well is the love for the characters. We don’t want an era that was similar to cheese cake superhero movies. That was a dark time and batman had nipples. If DC wins along with Marvel Studios we can enjoy a great era of superhero movies. And to the haters yes superhero movies can be diverse and carry into other forms of cinema. If you look at Captain America; Winter Soldier it was more than a superhero movie. It felt like a spy action/thriller.
DC has two more movies coming out with rumors and Issue happening behind the scenes with future films. They have Geoff Johns to head up their film Division, but is the damage already done?

Maybe not, DC films can still be saved. If treated like their TV and Animation Divisions DC can pull their movies out the gutter. There’s no secret they have done well in those divisions. Beating Marvel in TV and animation while Marvel has won the Netflix and Big screen. DC can still make their presence known with Wonder Woman and Justice League. They just need to be sure to treat the product with love and this includes the actors. Example: Margot Robbie Nailed Harley Quinn in a rushed Suicide Squad movie. She read up on the character and fell in love with her. IT was like she came off the pages. Same can be Said on Jon Bernthal’s Portrayal of the Punisher on Daredevil. Reports came out that he picked up Punisher books to study the character and it worked as he has been the best Punisher by far. And the Late Heath ledger Studied the Joker, he raised the bar playing this iconic character. Now there are mixed feelings of Leto’s portrayal as I feel it was to early after what Ledger gave us. And Leto’s joker was like a second string character when he should of been the main dish. I know suicide squad was not a Joker movie but he should of been the main villain. Oh and get rid of the laugh, it was a horrible laugh. Point is these comic characters regardless of the comic company have a history and it is the director’s job to get the story across, the actor’s job to adapt to the character and make them believable and the Studio needs not to rush these big movies otherwise they are going to have big flops on their hands.

In closing I want to see both if not all comic movie studios succeed. It not only gives us the fans what we wanted, seeing our favorite heroes on the big screen. It also creates jobs and possibilities, With every superhero movie there are special effects, merchandise deals, art teams working on concepts, writers for scripts, actors getting study work for parts, potential for any new person in the business to get their name in the door for future opportunities. Heck even smaller comic companies potentially getting their comics made into shows and movies would be awesome. If you think about it a comic is nothing more than a show/movie in paper format. So lets hope someone at WB is listening ( And Fox) and actually work hard on delivering the type of comic movies we know they can deliver.

P.S. The new safe word is Martha!

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