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23 movies to watch this 4th of July


23 movies to watch this 4th of July

23 movies to watch this 4th of July

Happy 4th of July all you liberty-loving patriots! We put together another movie marathons list for the 4th of July! As always we try to mix family-friendly movies with some of the PG13 / R rated flicks…  In no particular order for your viewing pleasure our list is as follows:
The Patriot
Independence Day
Saving Private Ryan
Captain America – the First Avenger
Iron Eagle
Born on the Fourth of July
Top Gun
The Sandlot
Apollo 13
Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark
Forrest Gump
A League of their own
National Treasure
Air Force One
An American Tale
Night at the museum
The Rookie
Team America: World Police
Please, by all means, feel free to add movies, not on our list in our comment section below! We look forward to community comments and discussions to expand our movie marathon lists as big as possible!
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