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My Life and Pokémon Go! (Week 2)

Pokémon Go


My Life and Pokémon Go! (Week 2)

My Life and Pokémon Go! (Week 2)

By Lawrence Bentiné Jr

(Week 2: Servers Up… Servers Down)

With an intense first week of the game, I decided to dial it back and try to effectively build a team. Unfortunately it’s hard to play a game when the servers are crashing at the worst times. My weekend was spent recovering from a long week. I wanted to get some hunting in as best as I could in the unbearable New York heat, but with the servers being down for about 50+% of my weekend that didn’t happen. I did however find more players who have joined Team Instinct.

Yes the few and proud team. We’re an afterthought for most, but in recent days I’ve seen our numbers and our Pokédex grow! Team Captains have been named! (Drumroll please)… Representing Team Instinct is none other than SPARK! For Mystic we have Blanche and for Valor we have Candela. As of yet there’s nothing major as to their roles but I’m sure that we will find out soon enough.

It was also revealed that the server crashes were due to updates to be placed in the game at a later date. Some of the things from the rumor mill that have been confirmed is Trading and PvP Battles. No specifics as to it being strictly local based, but it should prove useful to those wanting the full experience we all know and love. Pokémon Centers are coming!!! They also are fully aware of the 3 step glitch but have yet to say that there are plans to fix that. It also was confirmed that within the next few months (probably the Fall) that they’d release the next gen of Pokémon! (I honestly only played until the second gen, so I’m still quite excited to see how this all plays out).

There’s also a rumor floating around that teams will compete for their mascots. Instinct = Zapdos, Valor = Moltres, and Mystic = Articuno, however no clear rules or dates have been set for how they would all be acquired and if you were able to get the Legendary Birds of another team. It has been revealed that “Region Exclusives” are able to be hatched out of eggs. I personally have some friends returning from Japan with hopes of giving me a Farfetch’d. I will say though that spending some money on incubators and lucky eggs was a worthwhile investment.

There’s also someone who already has caught all the available Pokémon in the game so far. He apparently did so in New York. With currently 100 Pokémon filling up my Pokédex I’m looking forward to the last few on my list. I’m currently level 21, but with servers being more stable then they have been in a while I can see myself at level 25 by next week’s update!

Team Pride has friends more competitive than a Subway Series. There’s even job services as a result and I even heard people dating from it! I’ve spent countless hours traveling the city and running through my neighborhood. My snapchat went from excitement to trash talk to frustration ail within minutes sometimes. This game brings out the best and worst of us I suppose. I lost a Marowak by my place because my phone died. I lost Pikachu because by the time I got downstairs he was gone. My new bedtime is now somewhere around 2am. The craziest thing happened though…

At 1am Wednesday despite my best efforts to track down that Pikachu he got away from me. I decided to take over the gym in my neighborhood closest to me. I went home after having to reclaim it, because holding gyms are harder than taking them. It’s now 7:45am and I still am the gym leader of my gym! A whole almost 8 hours passed and I’m still on top? Truly I must be dreaming. I show this on my social media and to my friends at the job who are all in some disbelief. After not having an answer we decided to see how long my luck would last. In the meantime I showed off my Pokémon and despite my feeling like I “slacked” for a few days they all told me otherwise. It’s now 1:12pm and 12 hours later my 1062 CP Flareon is still holding the gym! Still uncertain as to how, I continued to track my progress throughout the day. 17… 17 hours later and my gym was defeated and I never felt more proud. What a moment! I wondered what would happen if I had more of my fellow Team Instinct friends to defend with me.

It’s been a long and productive week. Despite any negatives this game has truly united people. Brought together a huge community with one single game. It’s gotten people to be more active and with lack of any major tips and tricks from the game itself the players must create these for each other. I’ve seen more people discovering parts of their community and developing friendships than I have ever seen before. In a world so very divided and looking darker everyday could this game be the solution to World Peace? Could it end obesity? Overcome social anxiety for some? There’s so much this game has yet to show us but from what it has shown me already I’m excited for what’s to come. Stay tuned!

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