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Guilty Gear REV 2 Announced!

Guilty Gear REV 2 Announced!

Ahh one of my favorite Fighting Games Guilty gear is getting another release! And Baiken is back with a new updated look! She is also be joined by Answer the business ninja. ( Want to see some one cosplay these two characters) For those that are unfamiliar with Baiken, she is the one armed samurai in the series. She has always sported a unique look to her, but this new look is bad ass! I really love all the updated looks of these characters. Guilty Gears characters have always attracted me to this series. Its a game from Arc System Works which is also the developer of Blaze Blue ( another fighting game with great character designs unique to the series). The down side for Xbox fans of the game is that its currently a PS4 exclusive. I haven’t seen this game on Xbox One. ( another reason I am debating getting the PS4, ugh love this game) If your a fan of fighting games then I recommend adding this to your library of fighting games. Also if you love great character designs check out Guilty Gear ( And Blaze Blue), and if your looking for some cosplay inspiration….yea you guessed what I was going to say. Attached is the trailer for the Rev 2 update. Once available you will be able to download or buy the game as a physical disc.

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