NYCC Cosplay Top 5

You guys having NYCC withdrawals too? Yeah us too. We here at Inbeon had a blast at NYCC. We had memorable moments, great laughs, and saw some of the coolest cosplays ever. Some of us wanted to share our favorite cosplays of NYCC 2016. Daniel, Thomas, Guy and Lawrence present their 5 picks for their favorite cosplays of NYCC 2016!

Daniel’s Top 5


(From Top Left) Cyborg (Justice League) by, Barf (Spaceballs) by @therealjohnnyh, Immortan Joe (Mad Max) by Unknown, Imposter Batman (Suicide Squad) by @batsquez, and Genderbent Aquaman (Justice League) by @laneyfeni

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Thomas’ Top 5


(From Top Left) Genderbend Kratos, Alana and Marko (Saga), Titan (Destiny), Amon (Legend of Korra), Faith (Mirror’s Edge).

You can follow Thomas on IG @iamthomastbg

Guy’s Top 5

(From Top Left) Genderbend Captain America (Avengers) (Photobomb by Daniel) (Art by @artofhutch), Angemon (Digimon), Tormund and Wildling (Game of Thrones), Goku and Shenron (Dragon Ball Z), Joyce Byers (Stranger Things).

You can follow Guy @guysmindbodysoul

Lawrence’s Top 5

(From Top Left) “Pokémon Family” Ash Misty Brock and Eevee (Pokémon), Cammy and Chun Li (Street Fighter), Shades (Luke Cage), Gyarados Gijinka Cosplay (Pokémon) by @darkillusioncosplay, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle (Young Justice) by @sassykatcon.

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Which were your favorites?

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What cosplays did you want to see? What cosplay projects are you working on next? Let us know!

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