My So-Called Con Life: Boston Comic Con 2016

This was the third year that I attended Boston Comic Con. Always a fun show I went up with my nephew Zaes (Eater of Pies) and buddy James to work the Inbeon Booth. Along with The Lead Beard, The BulletProofTurtleMan, and company we spent the con having a blast. For my nephew this was his first con ever, a graduation gift that I felt would be great. Sure enough, he had a great time. He was in constant amazement of the cosplayers and artists in attendance. We all had fun whether working the booth and sharing some laughs, or walking around to grab a bite and catch our breath outside. The entire weekend was full of things to do with signings, panels, after parties and more; it was worth the lack of necessary A/C. By Saturday I recruited my nephew to the Inbeon Team with an impressive show of social media skills, 163 snaps in one day and that’s just Snapchat, he couldn’t of been more excited. I wish I was that cool at his age. I’ll leave you all with some pics of all the great stuff we came across. Finally being able to do all 3 days for this show was a ridiculously awesome experience. If I can, I’ll definitely be back in 2017!

Lawrence Bentine Jr.
Lawrence Bentine Jr.
A writer, photographer, performer, videographer and more. Born and raised in The Bronx, NY. His mother told him, “You are such a storyteller. One day, that’s what you will do. You will be a storyteller.” Mom was right. A writer at heart, Lawrence started writing at a very young age. He started with short stories and then in High School fell in love with Poetry. He began performing some of his pieces from his teens to mid-twenties. He picked up a camera in 2016 and found a new way to tell stories.

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