Repunzel Goes Dark!

This animated short by Juan Pablo Machado showcases a dark version of Repunzel. I love this dark take of the character and...

Websites to get free 3D Rigs

Ever wanted to learn how to animate in 3D but didn't have the resources? Well look no further! One thing that you...

Hunty x Hunty

Someone is at it again, and no one is safe. Please don't stop.

The Nerds of the Round: Love Death and Robots episode

In this episode, The Nerds of the Round tackle the anthology series Love Death and Robots. Join host Sebastian Bonet, Antonio From...

The Nerds of the Round Ep2

In this episode we continue our discussion about fantasy character battles.Host:Sebastian Bonet: From Across the HallIn this episode our guest are:Mayhem Mike:HieroGeekics...

The Nerds of the Round

In this episode we talk about fantasy battles and what the outcomes would be. Host: Sebastian Bonet:

HieroGeekicks Episode 8

Here at Inbeonmag we wanted to give a shout out to our friends at the HieroGeekicks podcast. You guys can listen here...

Ninjai: The Little Ninja – The Obscure Flash Anime We Miss And Want More Of

  This wonderful flash made anime was created in the early 2000s, and was only available on To say the creators left us hanging...

Battle Angel Alita 2nd Trailer!

I am super excited for this movie to be finally made. I am in love with the visuals so far. And this Trailer does...

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You Can’t Be Serious #10

Story By Lawrence Bentiné Jr and Thomas Lapierre III Art by Kimbo Henry

Did You Notice Mushu’s Upgrade In The New Mulan Trailer!? We did. Drop Everything and Watch!

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