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The Nerds of the Round: Marvel vs Anime

In this episode we discuss a meme about anime characters vs the marvel universe. We want to thank...

Joker Trailer!

The Joker Trailer is out! And from the trailer this looks like we are in for one wild ride. I just love...

A Chat with Graphic Artist Robert L. Lopez

I'm always looking for opportunities to connect with various different creators from various different backgrounds. One of the things I feel we...

Alien: Containment

Oh man I am so pumped. As a fan of Aliens I have been waiting for something good to come out. We...

The Nerds of the Round: Love Death and Robots episode

In this episode, The Nerds of the Round tackle the anthology series Love Death and Robots. Join host Sebastian Bonet, Antonio From...

The Nerds of the Round Ep2

In this episode we continue our discussion about fantasy character battles.Host:Sebastian Bonet: From Across the HallIn this episode our guest are:Mayhem Mike:HieroGeekics...

The Nerds of the Round

In this episode we talk about fantasy battles and what the outcomes would be. Host: Sebastian Bonet:

The Wandering Earth Trailer

Oh man, check out this epic trailer for The Wandering Earth. Starring Chuxiao Qu, Jing Wu and Guangjie Li.

A Chit chat with Bryan Martinez

We here at Inbeonmag love meeting creators. One such creator I have met is Bryan Martinez. Funny...

Netflix Kingdom Trailer

Where have I been? How could I have missed this trailer! Netlfix has really churned out some good stuff this past year....

Chit chatting ​with Craig Lindberg

There are many diffrent paths in Art. You have contemporary, Graphic Design, Sequential, and even Tattoo art. One style/category we are...

New Artist Alert! Thomas James Ludena

The creative community is a growing community of many talents. Sometimes we can forget that there are new rookie artist amongst a sea of...

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