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Websites to get free 3D Rigs


Websites to get free 3D Rigs

Websites to get free 3D Rigs

Ever wanted to learn how to animate in 3D but didn’t have the resources? Well look no further! One thing that you would need access to is a good rig. When I say rig, think Woody or Buzz from Toystory. Those are rigs that animators are using to create awesome scenes we have come to love. Heres an example of Bruiser that you can find on one of the sites listed below.

These websites are a great tool to have if you are animating in Maya or 3D max. You can create some awesome portfolio pieces to showcase you 3D animation skills. Of use them for reference poses. For example, if you wanted to draw Spider Gwen doing the dab.

Do you guys know of any other good websites that have free rigs for animators to use?

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