WHO Would You Rather – Anime characters take over our polls

We took a poll on our Inbeon Anime group on Facebook, and asked some pretty interesting questions of our community. The catch was, they didn’t have much of a choice in their response. Would you leave your baby with Frieza or Light Yagami? Not a great choice, but choose they did. Here were their responses.


1. Who would you trust with your baby? You have to choose one.


Frieza – Dragon Ball Z


Sasuke – Naruto


Light Yagami – Deathnote


Mayuri – Bleach

Our anime family chose Bakugou, but mentioned that they’d only trust Piccolo with their baby, and rightly so. However, according to the rules of this game, we’re all leaving our baby with Bakugou. For all it’s worth, he is just a hot-headed, prideful a teenager. He might do a really great job if given the chance. Mayuri would probably make a clone of our baby. Light, would probably leave our baby with Misa because he has bigger things to concern himself with. Sasuke and Frieza would probably kill or abandon them.

2. Scenario: You have to have life-altering surgery. Who is your doctor? Yes, you must choose.
Franken Stein – Soul Eater
Dr. Gero – DBZ
Mayuri – Bleach
Shou Tucker – FMA
Our fans chose Franken Stein. We were so shocked that no one chose Shou Tucker. He’s so good at what he does.
3. Who is helping you get torturous revenge on your ex?
Vegeta – DBZ
Kurapika – Hunter x Hunter
Hisoka – Hunter x Hunter
Stain – My Hero Academia
Afro – Afro Samurai
Scar – FMA
While all of these characters have immense resolve once they’re on a personal mission, it was nearly unanimous the Kurapika would get the job done. I mean, anyone who swears their life on exact revenge, ought to be someone you can trust to get the job done.
4. Who is your partner in spades?
Shikamaru – Naruto
L – Deathnote
Deku – My Hero Academia
Yoruichi – Bleach
Meruem – Hunter x Hunter
Yugi – Yu Gi Oh
When it comes to strategy, Shikamaru was definitely our guy. Shockingly, no one chose our ant king Meruem. We’re going to give people the benefit of the doubt and say, they have not reached the Chimera Arc yet. Also, don’t sleep on Yugi!
5. Who is your favorite “eyes closed” character?
Ling – FMA
Yoshimura – Tokyo Ghoul
Brock – Pokémon
Komugi – Hunter x Hunter
Gin – Bleach


We need to take this poll again. Really? No one chose Gin? Ling, however, was a fair enough top choice by our anime fans.



6. Who would you want to go to your high school reunion with?



Was this even a question? Bulma was nearly unanimous. She’s the most fun. Although, don’t sleep on Tsunade, she can drink anyone under the table.



7. Who deserves a punch in the face the most?

We are pretty certain that Shou Tucker is the most hated man in the anime universe. No argument there.


8. And just for kicks… Who would win in an eating competition?

Goku could eat a continent and still be hungry. Goku wins.
We hope you enjoyed this version of “Who would you rather…” Stay tuned for the next series.

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