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Voltron is back!


Voltron is back!

Voltron, yes Voltron, that giant space robot with the blank expression but overall coolness is getting a reboot. Good for him, it is always fun to see a piece of my childhood come back and get another day in the sun. I’m 35 so I can actually say that, but reboots also vex me. I mean don’t get me wrong I can’t wait to watch it either but Voltron already had an animated series. Now somethings really need reboots because their original attempts just missed the mark but there is a side of me that wonders why is it not something new.

Safety is about the best reason I can come up with. Studios have no idea what a new project will do and even when it does well they are usually too numb to keep it around, just look at Firefly. I mean in all honesty how does Voltron get a reboot but neither Netflix nor anyone else in the industry has jumped at the chance to bring an original show like Firefly back? It’s a mystery that puzzles me.

I’m also a little bummed out that it is animated. Hear me out on this, a live action mech-based gritty take on Voltron would have been amazing to see. I’m in no way knocking animation but if you are going to reboot something at least make it original in its own way, modifying the medium is one way to do that.

I guess in the long run to some degree it doesn’t really matter. I will hopefully enjoy the show but I think instead of a cartoon from my childhood being rebooted and contributing to the near total lack of original ideas coming from most, large production studios; I’d like to see a true original series. Maybe that is what bothers me about Netflix as much as I love them, the advertising is false, Voltron is not an original series, neither was House of Cards. At this point someone just spit Mountain Dew all over their keyboard, yes I went there, House of Cards is great but it is a reboot. Oh by the way, as good as it is the original is better, and not just because its British.

In closing, yay my childhood side is happy I get to see a new Voltron, my adult side is slightly sad that some other animated show may have been passed over for this project. However, until the demand is for ground breaking new ideas and content, companies will play it safe and do what they do very well, entertain us. Although this article is an Inbeon Studio Original Production, you won’t see me claiming it is an original idea, but then again, we aren’t Netflix.


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