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Godzilla Anime Review (Spoiler Alerts)


Godzilla Anime Review (Spoiler Alerts)

Godzilla Anime Review (Spoiler Alerts)

Netflix has really been on a tear as of late bringing new and different takes on stories to life whether it be live action or Anime. Godzilla as an anime with a futuristic alternate take on the traditional story is interesting. I’ll open with saying, spoiler alerts!

I’m all for a bit of time lapse in a story, but when the crew returns to earth they discover their calculations of how much time has passed since their departure really makes you wonder exactly who is running the computers around the ship. I guess when you miss your estimate by 9,000 years or so, my brain gets a bit hung up on the number. Also, the other race traveling with the humans has been in space for a ridiculous amount of time, so you’d think they would have noticed the computer being off as well.

Any story should make you care about the characters who reside in it and Godzilla really gives it a solid effort as the history of the main character is brought up to explain his obsession with Godzilla. Revenge is a great motivator and certainly can drive a story. However, he comes across so hell bent on one thing that I found it difficult to believe he ever calmed down enough to achieve the rank of Captain. I don’t mind the main character flying off the handle occasionally in a fit of rage but the impression from the council of elders is they are just sick of him. Now the council is like most government organizations that we are familiar with, incapable of organizing a bake sale, so don’t put too much stock in their opinions. I wanted to connect with Haruo, but it just didn’t happen in this film. Perhaps if the story is continued there will be an opportunity for more character development.

Godzilla kicks the humans off the planet, I warned you, spoilers. So, in this version Godzilla shows up and is so mad at how things are going on the planet. He decides to destroy just about everything, monsters and humans alike. As you’d expect we are no match for him and it’s a bit of a miracle the planet makes it through his onslaught as well. What does this kind of monster do once everyone is gone? Sleeps a lot and makes some Mini-Me’s for company. Godzilla always seems a bit of a loner so when you discover there are smaller ones of him, it does give you a bit of pause. Do radioactive reptiles get lonely? Are they just mis-understood life forms? Would a dark crossover comic featuring Captain Planet and Godzilla pulling a John Wick on the planet be a best seller? There are some questions to which we will never know the answers.

Power level needs to be brought up. Now the humans are running on fumes when they get back to Earth, their weapons can manage the flying dragon things, when they hit them. The Godzilla they fight pretty much wrecks their forces, but they prevail with a unique combination of strategy and dumb luck. Stop me if you have heard that story arc before. Just as they celebrate, they realize OH NO we killed the small one. It is at this point that it stopped working for me. They are already hopelessly out gunned, out supplied and there is no Calvary coming to the rescue. The one thing that might possibly help is the Mecha Godzilla which was shown in the flash back an hour or so ago, but that has been dismissed as a failed project, it has also been 10,000 years so I hope you brought a lot of W-D40.

In closing I will say it is not a horrible watch but besides the humans being driven off planet there is nothing new or original about the story. Godzilla is one of those characters however that has always had that problem, there is only so much you can do with a giant radioactive lizard.

-Benjamin Santos

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