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Star Wars The Last Jedi Non Spoiler Review


Star Wars The Last Jedi Non Spoiler Review

Star Wars The Last Jedi Non Spoiler Review

First we want to thank Kyle Vaz for his non spoiler review of the latest installment to the Star Wars Franchise. Who is Kyle Vaz you ask? He is a member of the Star Wars Charity group called The Saber Guild

I had the honor of meeting Kyle at Inbeon Con  2017 and the rest is history. So it was great when he messaged me and asked if we would like a non-spoiler review. My excitement was hell yea! For me and for others I felt it would be awesome to get a review from a fan of the series. So enough with the suspense and I present a non spoiler review by Kyle Vaz.


OMG OMG OMG!! I am at a loss for words how amazing this movie is!! From start to finish I was on the edge of my seat!! This movie did not disappoint!

If you are walking in and thinking you are going to see a rehash of Empire strikes back then I find your lack of faith in JJ Abrams disturbing. Rian Johnson, the new director for episode 8, pulls out all the stops to give you a fresh new story arc and brings everything together so beautifully. From the costume designs to the music and the cinematography, you will become immersed into the Star Wars universe like never before.

People have questioned Star Wars in the past for adding in too many elements for the kids and one new thing has been brought up to me, Porgs.. cute or just a distraction. I will say that I absolutely hated porgs from the first time I was introduced to them. This coming from a person who never watched any of The Last Jedi trailers until after I saw the movie last night. I will say this spoiler-free, Porgs have won my heart, I accept them.

So even if you have just walked into this Force-sensitive universe of a long time ago far far away, you will be hugging the person next to you as you cry, gasp, cheer, and celebrate the amazing acting and movie magic that has gone into this film. Not a single actor was underutilized. Not a single character was left out or outshined, everyone has their moments of greatness, and greatness is what this movie is. Bringing you from laughter to sorrow to pain and to excitement and then back to worry and sadness and then joy… your emotions will be put through a blender and you will love Lucasfilms for it!

Ohh and I will say this.. the ending cliffhanger is so intense that it will leave you with 1000 new questions and no answers to the 1000 questions you had going into this movie!

Just Go see it!!

May the Force be with all of you


Kyle, all of us fans and Inbeonmag thank you for sharing this with review. Thank you for letting us share this with fans and as all ways, May the Force be With you.

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