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Battle Angel Alita Trailer

Battle Angel Alita Trailer

He has finally done it! James Cameron is finally bringing Battle Angel Alita to the big screen, with Robert Rodriguez as the director. I know some of you are asking,” why are you excited about another Hollywood live action anime movie?” Well for starters, I am glad Alita is getting the spot light. It has always been a great anime and manga in my opinion. It’s just one of those really hard ones to find that came out in an age when anime and manga could not be streamed on the internet. You had to hope some one put it on VHS for you. ( Yes I’m showing my age.) Second, James Cameron has always been a fan of the series. Literally on the back of the Omnibus volume one of the second series titled “Last Order” he was quoted saying-

” Just A Great, Kick-Ass Story.”

It’s a simple quote, but it’s true. I can go on about how excited I am and also talk about why people shouldn’t bash the movie just yet. People are already bashing it because they don’t like the big eyes. The trailer shows some of the scenes from the book come to life. If they focus on key points and tell a good story, Alita can become a franchise on its own. What do you guys think? Also enjoy the trailer!

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