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Telltale Games and the Walking Dead

the Walking Dead


Telltale Games and the Walking Dead

Telltale Games and the Walking Dead

Just looking through my normal browsing the web, one of the things I like to do is read about some of the reviews from various trusted sites. I stumbled upon my favorite series Telltale: The walking dead. Now I must admit, I haven’t finished the 2nd game. And now we have a new installment in the series.

First for those that don’t know Telltale games here’s a brief list of popular games they have done:

Sam & Max Save the World
Tales of Monkey Island
Back to the Future: The Game
Jurassic Park: The Game
The Walking Dead
The Wolf Among Us
Tales from the Borderlands
Batman: The Telltale Series

The games listed, ( Tales from the Borderlands was fun, still have half the final episode left) They have all been a hit with fans. With Telltale games their series are in episodes which to me makes the game like an interactive comic or TV show. So lets go back to the Walking Dead game since we are talking about WD. The first game was my intro to the play style of Telltale games. I find it not just appealing to hard core, but casual gamers as well who want to pick something up and enjoy a good story. It expands on the walking dead comic lour I feel. ( If you haven’t played the first one, I won’t spoil the reason why I said that) In the first Game you play as Lee, You are given choices that can overall impact how you proceed in the game ( and from the review these choices seem to be carrying over to the squeals)
The game itself feels like an interactive comic, with the cell shading style (Which again fits perfect with Tales from the Borderlands, recommend that one to Borderland fans looking to get back on Pandora with a fun side story) and how they give you the ability to interact with this world. Now hearing that a third installment to their series has been released makes me want to hurry finish the second a move on to the third. ( I’m tempted to make bad choices to see what the outcomes are going to be haha)
The style of Telltale games has been a point and click. Personally I was never a fan of point and click games in the past. But for some reason Telltale’s Walking Dead was well executed and changed my opinion about point and click. And it was not how easy the game play was that interested me, it was the story. From what I played, Telltale games makes you care for these characters. Example Clementime, She has really grown in the series since the first time you meet her. In the first game you care for this girl and take her with you on your journey to find her parents. In the second game you play as Clem and continue her journey by controlling her. And from the review what ever choices you made with Clem in the second game will carry over to the third. She starts as this scared little girl and grows into a survivor.
Another thing I find appealing, you can purchase the episode individually to test the waters before shelling out the cash for the entire pack. Obviously I’m going to tell you to suck it up and shell it out and just buy the season pass, but for those that want to test the waters, you have that ability to buy one episode. Waiting for Episodes can be a draw back when you finish one. Its one of the reasons I never really finished the second game. I found myself waiting for episodes and just forgetting. Now I can play through them all with in my free time. But it leaves that void you feel ( think game of Thrones void, ok maybe that is over kill) I linked the review for the third game of the series which has scored and 8.8 on IGN. Something that scores that high IMO is worth shelling out the cash and checking out.


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