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Geralt Of Rivia Vs Soul Calibur

Geralt Of Rivia Vs Soul Calibur

GERALT OF RIVIA is coming to Soul Calibur VI! I am not that big on the Soul Calibur series, but yet I am excited about this. Researching Soul Calibur and you will see Geralt is not the first guest character to make it into the game. The List is pretty impressive, characters that have appeared in Soul Calibur are Kratos ( who is no stranger to making guest appearances in games), Darth Vader, Yoda, Star Killer, Ezio Auditore, Angol Fear ( We will get into that character in a second) Heihachi, Spawn and Link.

I would add Yoshimitsu to this list, but he has been a main stay in the series for a while. It leaves me to believe that the Soul Calibur and  the Tekken series shares the same universe. How, have no clue. But Yohismitsu is the key to that theory. As for Angol Fear, she was designed originally for the game by guest artist Mine Yoshizaki (known for the Manga Keroro Gunso or better known over here in the states as Sgt. Frog.) Angol Fear has a direct connection the Sgt. Frog series as the cousin of Angol Mois. What’s interesting is this character makes her debut in the Soul Calibur Series first then appears in the Sgt. Frog series in Chapter 148. So she is kind of a guest character in a way. It also leads into a funny theory, does Soul Calibur exist in the Sgt. Frog universe? I highly doubt it, but it would be funny.

The great things about guest characters sometimes is that it makes the game a little more interesting and creates this kind of fantasy crossover. Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct did this with their last few games. I feel like some of these Soul Calibur crossovers make their way into the game very well. They tie into the Story to link a few other properties that make it feel like an expanded universe (Again looking at Yoshimitsu and Angol Fear). We get this same kind of feeling with Akuma in the latest instalment of Tekken. It could be that a version of Akuma existed in the Tekken universe or we have something bigger brewing. It makes me wonder if they will approach Geralt the same way for Soul Calibur. Regardless I feel Namco handles guest/ Crossover characters pretty well, I mean we had Gon the little Dino way back in Tekken 3. So check out the trailer of Geralt making his fighting game debut and enjoy.


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