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A Look at Castlevania (Warning Spoilers!!!)


A Look at Castlevania (Warning Spoilers!!!)

A Look at Castlevania (Warning Spoilers!!!)

Warning Spoilers!!!

Friends, Romans, Country men and women! NetFlix has done it again! And by the time you read this article, season two will already be announced!

Castlevania, a Netflix exclusive based on the popular video game, was released 7/7. And the series was in many words awesome. We follow the journey of Trevor Belmont who’s family of monster hunters has fallen from grace because of the church. It’s not really explained why in the series but they may touch up on that in season 2. He then meets with a band of traveling monks who are being blamed for the hell beast attacking the city. Long story short the whole series was an intro into the world of Castlevania and a set up for the fight between Trevor and Alucard.

What I liked about the series is the opening on why Dracula released the hell beast on the land. He had decided to walk the earth as a man because of his wife. But when the Archbishop in the name of god decided to burn Dracula’s wife. That’s when we see the Evil Dracula we know in the castlevania series. This type of opening made me feel bad for Dracula and had me finding myself take his side. He didn’t come off as a cookie cutter villain that wanted to be evil for evil’s sake, he wanted vengeance on a world that stood by and watched his wife burn.

As far as the theme, it seems the church is a corrupt entity in this universe. You still did have priest that served for the greater good ( the priest that made the holy water for Trevor), but then their was the Archbishop who used the word to god to shape the world how he wanted it. I loved the Arch-Bishop’s final moments when the final thing he would hear “ God stopped listening to you years ago” from them mouth of the Demon beast that did him in.
Legendary Comic writer Warren Ellis wrote the script for castlevania. And he did an awesome job with each point I touched up on. It breaths life into the castlevania series and stands on its own. I am excited and can’t wait for season 2, I know there’s a lot of creatures and stories they can tell within this particular universe.

The animation was top notch and showcased this world well. You really felt the despair that the people of this world where going through. I mean Castlevania is a dark world and you felt that moment when the show opened up with the impaled bodies in front of Dracula’s castle. The season you can see in one sitting so it felt like a movie instead of a show. Which is one the weak points for the series. Another drawback with the series, it does leaving you wanting more. It’s like eating but still feeling hungry. It’s like the whole series was a setup for Trevor to fight Alucard and then to realize they are on the same side.I would of liked one more episode of Alucard fighting alongside Trevor. I think if they had a major villain for the first season, like a Captain working for Dracula or even taking down the Archbishop who was corrupted by power could of been filling. Plus you really don’t see the conclusion of the battle in the square with the town folk fighting off the demon horde. That Demon that killed the Archbishop, I thought he was going to be the final villain to close out the short season. But nonetheless it wasn’t a bad start and has me interested how season 2 will be executed since they doubled the episode count.

Have you seen Castlevania yet? Let us know what you thought and if you’re excited for the next season? Do you think the 4 episode count helped or hurt the series?

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